How to configure and adapt Aimeos based shops as developer
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#3898 by DrDickGind
14 Feb 2017, 12:27
Hi Aimeos,

I'm running your shopsystem with PayPal integrated and it works well :D
But PayPal PLUS isnt working. You can pay with PayPal, but not with creditcard or debit.
I have another Shopsystem running and there it works with this PayPal Account. It also doesnt work in your shop, there you can buy support.

What am I missing?

#3899 by aimeos
14 Feb 2017, 13:11
There were some changes necessary to display the "billing" page for PayPalPlus. They are currently in the dev-master branch of the Aimeos core.
#3913 by aimeos
16 Feb 2017, 08:20
Hm, didn't expected that as the parameters for displaying the billing page with ELV / credit card is currently only in dev-master ...
#3920 by DrDickGind
17 Feb 2017, 12:09
Yes you are right, today I tested it again and it didnt work :?
Can you please tell me how to install the current dev-master in typo3?
Or can I integrate PayPal PLUS with OmniPay?
#3921 by aimeos
17 Feb 2017, 13:02
You can try this package:
Add this to the PayPal service provider configuration:
paypalexpress.LandingPage: Billing

It's a beta release, so please test as much as possible and drop us a note if something isn't working.
#3922 by DrDickGind
17 Feb 2017, 15:02

I tried our aimeos_17.2.1-pre1 build and I think it does not work.
I added paypalexpress.LandingPage: Billing to the config. If you checkout with PayPal you get redirected to this page. ... out/signup

With PayPal PLUS i thought that you dont have to create an account. But you have to do it, so I think its not working :?

I tried to integrate PayPal with omnipay in aimeos_pay but also no luck.

Have a nice weekend :D
#3923 by aimeos
17 Feb 2017, 15:13
The page is the PayPalPlus page, so the Aimeos code works correctly.
Maybe you can check with the PayPal support why they want to create a PayPal account too.

The Omnipay PayPal driver doesn't work because it's not 100% compatible the way it works. Nevertheless, the result should be the same as with the PayPal NVP API used by Aimeos.
#3963 by DrDickGind
24 Feb 2017, 13:24
Hi Aimeos,

I updated my typo3-aimeos shop to version 17.2.1 beta. Hoped it would be working for me since your pre-build did not do it. And no there is still no PayPal PLUS working for me.

I have another System running, there you can book houses with the same PayPal-adress. There it looks like this:


With our PayPal Checkout I get the following


So for me i looks like PayPal Plus isnt working.

Have a nice weekend
#3965 by aimeos
24 Feb 2017, 13:52
Like already said, we don't know why PayPal displays different options at the PayPal Plus page. Please contact the PayPal support, they should have an explanation for this.