How to configure and adapt Aimeos based shops as developer
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#3916 by Apoleo
16 Feb 2017, 10:12

I am trying for the first time aimeos, and I want to edit the theme and use a bootstrap style(, but isn't an easy task at all.
I have to manually change every class in elegance\common.css and aimeos.css, it's like a 2-3days work at least.
I am doing it right or there is an easier way?

Anyway I need to change the product code in the catalog-list-items
Because I want a visual effect that won't work if the item images are as backgrounds!
I tried to edit "items-body-list.php" but I haven't get any effect, like it was cached, but I should have disabled the cache in "shop.php"

I am missing something?

Using centos, php 7.1 and last aimeos version.

#3917 by aimeos
16 Feb 2017, 10:26
What does "latest version" mean in your context? 2017.02? What framework/integration are you using.

Try to change the "catalog/lists/items-body-default.php" file instead. The "items-body-list.php" contains the alternative list view when the user switches the view by clicking on the icons right above the items.

If you want to replace the Aimeos styles totally using Twitter Bootstrap, there's no other way yet than throwing away the Aimeos CSS files and adding the Bootstrap classes in the HTML templates where you need them. We have been thinking about that step too and we appreciate any help if you can submit a pull request :-)