How to configure and adapt Aimeos based shops as developer
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#4006 by KarstenSoll
08 Mar 2017, 10:01

first of all I’ve got the same problem like some other users with the local and the currency. Which is fixed in your pre-release of version (17.3.0-pre5). – So far so good! But I’ve also downloaded your prepared page tree (Aimeos-pages_two-columns_2.1.4). It includes some Content-Elements that are pointing to a needed page that doesn't exist. For example the “List page of Catalogue” (Listenseite des Katalogs) which might be the starting page of the shop, I guess.

And on the page “confirm”: Here the plugin needs a “page for product downloads” (Seite für Produktdownloads), that is not present in you page tree. I added a page and used the Plugin: Aimos Shop – Account download here. - Is that correct so far?

Another point is bread crumb path. It shows me that I am on the "Search" page when I am on the starting page of the shop. Do I have to set any uid's when I added your prepared page tree to my existing?

Kind regards
#4009 by aimeos
08 Mar 2017, 10:52
You've used a very old page tree that doesn't match with the current 16.x/17.x versions.
The current version is "Aimeos-pages_two-columns_16.4.t3d" and it's available here:

If you want to display the product list of a pre-defined category, you have to select this category in the flexform of the "Catalog List" and "Catalog Stage" plugin.