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#5929 by mohal_04
02 Apr 2018, 10:50
Laravel: 5.6
Aimeos: 2017.x
PHP: 7.x
Environment: Linux


I have created an extension. This extension gives an extra field on Product form. I have spent 2 days to figure out the customization that are required to save this extra field in DB. So, after writing all code I am still unable to save it in DB. So, I thought of writing a Unit Test for this.

But now this Unit Test is giving me a new error, which I don't know how to fix. I have been following all steps from this official link:

And when I tried the unit test, I get this error:

C:\wamp\www\aimeos-core\build.xml:12:114: Task exited with code 255

This errors shows up when I execute this command in terminal:

Code: Select all./vendor/bin/phing setup

Can anyone help me with this?