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#7185 by mmm
09 Nov 2018, 05:27
Windows 8.1
PHP 7.2.7
Laravel Framework 5.6.29
aimeos 2018.10

Hello ,
I am unable to get an email after creating new account.

After creating account either via admin UI or via php artisan command i execute manually following crone job:

php artisan aimeos:jobs "customer/email/account"

But no mail has been received in my mail box.

Whereas I am getting the emails after order completion or after delivery and payment status changes.

/ Mubashir
#7901 by arcandoak
12 Apr 2019, 15:15
aimeos wrote:Currently not from the admin interface, this is on the roadmap for one of the next versions. Up to now, you have to remove the "email_sent" record in the mshop_order_status table for the order ID.

I'm not seeing any "email_sent" types in mshop_order_status, but I know new account emails have been sent out. Am I missing something else?

I know the attached order had an email sent out and an account created, but these are the only status' for it.
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#7912 by arcandoak
14 Apr 2019, 15:13
aimeos wrote:It's "email_payment" (value=5) a for order confirmationnd "email_delivery" (value=2) for shipping in progress

But I'm wanting to resend the new account email.