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#7169 by Golfmad
07 Nov 2018, 12:16
I have installed Aimeos locally and its working great but Im having issues showing new category images that I have uploaded. When I go to the cat page I get an empty

Code: Select all<div class="catalog-stage-image"></div>

even with the default templates not touched. The new image is uploaded correctly and showing in the admin system.

Now I have checked the page is loading the correct category and it is. Also it worked fine with the default category image that was in place on install. Obviously I removed that image and replaced it with the new one.

The settings for the new image I have used are

Status: Enabled
Type: Stage
Title: Image Name

I have output the $mediaItems variable and it is showing an empty array so Im a bit stuck on what to do now.

#7170 by Golfmad
07 Nov 2018, 12:47
Ok after a bit more playing around, I set the image to Icon and it is now showing up. Can someone explain why the cat image set to Icon is loading in the stage template, I would have thought you would have needed to set the image type to "Stage"
#7175 by aimeos
07 Nov 2018, 23:01
According to the demo data the category images must be added as:
- type: Standard
- list type: Stage

Might be better to switch to
- type: Stage
- list type: Standard
in 2019 versions which seems more logical