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disable-new address

Post by columbo » 18 Nov 2019, 22:46


according to documentation the current setting to disable new addresses is:

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client/html/checkout/standard/address/billing/disable-new => 1
https://aimeos.org/docs/Configuration/C ... isable-new but when I use this setting, the form still apperas.

But when I use the old one, that is deprecated since 2015-02

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client/html/common/address/billing/disable-new => 1 
https://aimeos.org/docs/Configuration/C ... isable-new it works.

Is the documentation not correct or do I have any other cofiguration issues?
thank you

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Re: disable-new address

Post by aimeos » 19 Nov 2019, 22:40

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is correct. The other setting was introduced later but seems to be removed again, so it's a documentation issue. Current code in the template is: https://github.com/aimeos/ai-client-htm ... rd.php#L28
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