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#4198 by VickoNovianto
16 May 2017, 10:36
I use Aimeos 2017.04 with PostgreSQL 9.6.2 and Laravel 5.4 with PHP 7.1.1. I use Windows 8 Pro. I want to ask, if I change the PostgreSQL database schema(including the tables) in the demo app, can the source code still work? Or i have to change the source code to adapt to new schema? Thank you.
#4260 by VickoNovianto
31 May 2017, 03:24
I want to replace entire demo schema with my own designed schema. My own designed schema is different with the demo schema. My schema has foreign keys and has a lot more tables and columns. What do i need to do to replace the demo schema with my own designed schema? Do i need to change the code in the application too? Thank you.
#4335 by VickoNovianto
21 Jun 2017, 14:22
I want to change mshop_order table into order table which consists of :

Buyer_ID is a foreign key which references id from buyer table. Payment_Method_Type_ID references id from payment_method_type table.
#4337 by aimeos
21 Jun 2017, 20:59
You can extend the mshop_order table but you should keep the existing data as well. Otherwise, there's no place to store important information and you will get trouble with e.g. the confirmation e-mails.

For changing the table schema, have a look at this article:

This one explains how to extend the order item and manager to store the additional data: