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#4406 by Luis
17 Jul 2017, 20:37
I modified the getBody method inside to add new functionality. How and where should I put the new file which originally was in ai-client-html\Client\Html\Checkout\Standard\Standard.php. I have a custom ext/my-client-ext/ and a manifest.php file that includes 'client/html/src'.
#4408 by aimeos
18 Jul 2017, 00:42
Rename the file to e.g. Myproject.php and put it into the same directory structure in your own extension (./ext/myext/client/html/src/Client/Html/Checkout/Standard/Myproject.php). Then, configure the new class name (Myproject):
#4409 by Luis
18 Jul 2017, 16:44
Hey, thanks for the quick response. I'm getting an error when i tried doing this.
(1/1) Exception
Invalid characters in class name "<not a string>"
in Factory.php (line 76)
at Factory::createClient(object(Standard), array('/Users/laravel/ext/ai-client-html' => array('client/html/templates'), '/Users/public/laravel/ext/myproject' => array('client/html/templates')), array('Mycheckout'))


'checkout' => array(
'confirm' => array(
'name'=> array('Mylaststep')
'standard' => array(
'name'=> array('Mycheckout'),


namespace Aimeos\Client\Html\Checkout\Standard;
class Mycheckout


namespace Aimeos\Client\Html\Checkout\Confirm;
class Mylaststep