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#4453 by sumit kaushik
08 Aug 2017, 07:35
I am using aimeos with laravel 5.4. I am facing issue in uploading image for products from admin. It gives me error
No file uploaded for 1. new image, /ext/ai-admin-jqadm/admin/jqadm/src/Admin/JQAdm/Product/Image/Standard.php:420.
Also my laravel is installed in the subdirectory of root.
I am new to Laravel so please help me out to resolve this issue.
#4455 by aimeos
08 Aug 2017, 08:29
Besides security issues, Laravel doesn't support installations in subdirectories very well. The ./public/ directory must be the document root of your VHost.
#4457 by aimeos
08 Aug 2017, 15:45
The folders are the ./public/files/ and ./public/preview/ directories in your Laravel application directory. Maybe you forgot to set the permissions correctly so the web server can write into these directories?
#4481 by aimeos
10 Aug 2017, 13:44
Like we already said: Laravel doesn't support installing applications in subdirectories well. ./public/ needs to be the document root of your vhost.