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#4679 by aimeos
01 Oct 2017, 10:27
If the orders only contains subscriptions, you can create another invoice item in the mshop_order table. Aimeos will care about the e-mailing if you set the payment status in the invoice item to "authorized" or "received". You can create a job controller that is executed daily to search for subscriptions that has to be renewed:

But automatic reoccurring payments for subscriptions are not yet supported. You would have to implement that yourself.
#4704 by aimeos
04 Oct 2017, 16:55
Something is still wrong.

We've added an example in the Aimeos demo data now. The price of the first selection variant is slightly lower than that of the selection product itself and you will see it if you select the attributes blue/34/32 (color/length/width). To test it yourself, set up a new Aimeos installation (use "aimeos/aimeos-laravel": "dev-master") and follow the setup guide.