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#4626 by ledzgio
25 Sep 2017, 11:46
I have the following requirements I have to implement in my ecommerce built with Aimeos:
I have a list of car brands (Opel, Fiat, Toyota, ecc.), each brand has many models such as Toyota Corolla, Fiat Punto, Opel corsa, etc., each of these models has many components such as hood, gear lever, injectors, etc.
So clients can basically buy car's component from my ecommerce website.

My question is: what is the best way to represent the above situation on Aimeos? more in details, how can I represent car brands, models and components inside Aimeos?

#4631 by aimeos
25 Sep 2017, 20:57
Use brands as categories and models as sub-categories and add your articles to these categories. If you have parts that exists in different variants (e.g. in different colors), then use selection products to group the articles together.