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#4692 by sumana
03 Oct 2017, 17:04
I found that Aimeos uses Doctrine DBAL layer to create database schemas from here: ... se_support

I want to use Couchbase as backend storage for Aimeos instead of MySQL and Doctrine has Couchbase driver support (http://doctrine-keyvaluestore.readthedo ... ation.html).
So, I have below questions.

1. Can I use the couchbase doctrine support for Aimeos and remove existing mysql connection?
2. If so, what is the right place to start ?

#4694 by aimeos
03 Oct 2017, 17:51
No, Couchbase isn't yet supported because Aimeos only uses Doctrine DBAL but not Doctrine ORM (too slow for big shops). We will be working on document storage support like ElasticSearch and others in the 2018 versions.