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#4723 by aimeos
06 Oct 2017, 10:50
You should add an option (configurable) to your products. Such options can have their own price which is added to the product total when selected.
#4737 by sumit kaushik
08 Oct 2017, 05:16
For example if some one rents a furniture item from website then user has to pay some security amount for that product and it will be same as price of product.
On product page there will be rent price + security amount.
#4743 by aimeos
08 Oct 2017, 16:09
So the security price isn't optional.

You can change the "preselect" setting for this attribute so customers are not able to de-select it:

Alternatively, you can use the sum of both prices as product price and add a new price type (e.g. rental price) that is shown in the product detail and list views. Explain in the text that customers will have to pay a security price that is automatically added to the basket (in fact the real product price) and it will be charged back when they return the furniture.