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#4954 by tkristis
13 Nov 2017, 11:56
Environment - Win localhost,
PHP - 7.0.22,
Aimeos - 2017.07,
Laravel - 5.5.19.

Hi, it is possible to add more fields to products? My products are education courses. I don't need Characteristics and Stocks fields. What I need is venue location of course and few more body text fields. Can I get help with that?
Thank you for any help.
#4962 by aimeos
13 Nov 2017, 16:05
Aimeos is made for extensibility so don't think in old structures to extend the table if you need this or that!

Instead, use the product properties or attributes to store what ever you need. Both have types to categorize them, e.g. add a type "location" with your venues. Properties are not shared between products, attributes can be. Thus, using attributes, you can create a faceted search for them automatically.

You can always define more text types if "name", "short" and "long" are not enough. You only have to overwrite the template for the product text subpart in the admin interface to add a text fields for your new types.