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#5144 by Kevin
28 Nov 2017, 20:02
Hi all,

I'm struggling with my Laravel + CodeIgniter instance. I did update my routes so the myaccount function is handled through my own controller instead of the default AccountController that comes with Aimeos.

The code to within my function is the following and works perfect:
Code: Select all$params = app( '\Aimeos\Shop\Base\Page' )->getSections( 'account-index' );
return Response::view('shop::account.index', $params);

Now I want to pass an extra parameter to the view, but the system keeps failing with everything I'm trying... I keep receiving the error that 'Aibody' in an undefined variable.

I did try every possible Laravel way to pass multiple parameters to the view:

Code: Select allreturn view('shop::account.subscriptions', compact('params', 'otherarray'));

Code: Select all$data = array(
         'params'  => $params,
         'testarray'   => $testarray,
return View::make('shop::account.subscriptions')->with($data);

Even this basic function to pass a variable to the view is failing:

Code: Select allreturn View::make('shop::account.subscriptions', compact('params'));

Who can help me out on this one? Much appreciated!