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#5191 by Ahmad
03 Dec 2017, 10:11
i have a created extention via aimeo extension generator,
when i set this config "html/catalog/stock/standard/template-body" in my own extention named my-client-html config file (path: ext/my-client-html/client/html/config/client.php),
it's not working for me but when i set this config on the main extention config file (path: ext/ai-client-html/client/html/config/client.php) or in the main shop config file (path: config/shop.php) it's work for me

i want to change configs just in own generated extension,
Why is this happening? and what should I do?
#5193 by aimeos
04 Dec 2017, 11:16
The "client/html/config" directory you've created isn't used by default in the generated extension. You have to add this directory to the manifest.php in your extension:

Code: Select all'config' => array(
   // ...