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#5219 by Kevin
11 Dec 2017, 09:26

How do I change the default delivery status?
By default this is set to -1 in the file /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/snackup/vendor/aimeos/aimeos-core/lib/mshoplib/src/MShop/Order/Item

Code: Select all   /**
    * Unfinished delivery.
    * This is the default status after creating an order and this status
    * should be also used as long as technical errors occurs.
   const STAT_UNFINISHED = -1;

As I can not change files in the "vendor" folder, how do I change this value to 4.
Thanks in advance!

#5223 by aimeos
13 Dec 2017, 00:04
Write a small delivery service provider that sets the delivery status according to your needs and use it in the checkout process:

Note: You have to execute the "./artisan aimeos:jobs order/service/delivery" command regularly to set the status (