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#5470 by antonlinderer
19 Jan 2018, 15:33
I have set up a multi language aimeos site. All goes well but when the user has finished ordering no payment confirmation email is sent although cron jobs are running for emails.
This is what I get in madmin_log table:

Error while trying to send payment e-mail for order ID "1" and status "5": Missing required parameters for [Route: aimeos_shop_detail] [URI: {locale}/detail/{d_prodid}/{d_name?}/{d_pos?}].

Any idea how to solve this? Thanks.
#5472 by aimeos
19 Jan 2018, 21:54
I think the required language ID parameter for your configured route isn't passed here:

The best option might be to add it there into the "params" view helper and merge $this->params() with the $params array in the template:

Which Aimeos version do you use?
#5473 by antonlinderer
19 Jan 2018, 22:33
I have not been successful yet... will try again.
I am using following versions:
aimeos/ai-client-html 2017.10.7
aimeos/ai-controller-frontend 2017.10.5
aimeos/ai-controller-jobs 2017.10.4
aimeos/ai-laravel 2017.10.1
aimeos/ai-payments 2017.10.2
aimeos/ai-swiftmailer 2017.10.1
aimeos/aimeos-core 2017.10.11
aimeos/aimeos-laravel 2017.10.4
laravel/framework v5.5.32
#5486 by aimeos
21 Jan 2018, 19:52
Thanks a lot for your testing and your hint!
We've fixed this now in the dev-master, 2018.01 and 2017.10 branches, also for delivery and product watch related e-mails and for different site and currencies. Can you run "composer update" and check without your own modified template?