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#5613 by HimanshuBhandari
31 Jan 2018, 16:17
aimeos wrote:Can you have a look into the web inspector of your browser if the icon is still there and some CSS hides it? Seems to me that there are CSS rules that interfere with the Aimeos CSS.

Add button is not in DOM.
Also I have only 1 user in "users" table, which is admin user. I have created it with
Code: Select allphp artisan aimeos:account <email> --admin
this command.
Also I have added:
Code: Select all    Gate::define('admin', function($user, $class, $roles) {
        return app( '\Aimeos\Shop\Base\Support' )->checkGroup( $user->id, $roles );
in App\Providers\AuthServiceProvider.
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