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#5479 by HimanshuBhandari
21 Jan 2018, 08:42
I have a fresh aimeos installation ~2017.10 with laravel 5.5, I created Admin user and now trying to create a Site, but when I navigate to Site section I am unable to see Add button I stuck. Than I followed tutorial to achieve it through console, but I got this error 'Maximum number of connections (2) for "db" exceeded'.

Finally I changes DB name in .env file and created a new DB and ran "php artisan aimeos:setup" without setting default shop, in that case also I got the same exception 'Maximum number of connections (2) for "db" exceeded'.
#5496 by HimanshuBhandari
22 Jan 2018, 15:46
Hi, Sorry for not specifying required information.
I am using windows 10, and trying aimeos on my local environment.
Anyways, I found that I have make some changes in shop.php uncommenting resource section and uncommenting "jsonadm" from routes to solve CSRF issue {}. Finally I deleted "shop.php" and run composer update solved my problem.
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#5501 by HimanshuBhandari
22 Jan 2018, 17:44
aimeos wrote:Which web server do you use and which MySQL version?

MySQL version : 5.7.19 and the default php server by executing "php artisan serve"

I also updated shop.php to achieve before deleting and updating it with
Code: Select all'routes' => array(
   'account' => array('prefix' => '{site}', 'middleware' => ['web', 'auth']),
   'default' => array('prefix' => '{site}', 'middleware' => ['web']),
   'confirm' => array('prefix' => '{site}', 'middleware' => ['web']),

Don't know if it was causing the problem.