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#5484 by antonlinderer
21 Jan 2018, 15:52
How would I go to use custom order id's instead of the standard id for orders which is now AUTO_INCREMENT ?
I was thinking of overriding the aimeos-core file located in lib/mshoplib/src/MShop/Order/Manager/Base/Address/Standard.php
Is that the right approach and how would I do that? Thanks.
#5485 by Travin
21 Jan 2018, 16:50
I think you can extend it by placing here your custom version. I hope so, i'm not sure :roll:
#5487 by aimeos
21 Jan 2018, 19:54
@anton: What do you want to achieve? Can you post your alternative table structure?
#5497 by aimeos
22 Jan 2018, 15:56
We wouldn't recommend that. What if you have two orders in the same second?