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#5518 by antonlinderer
24 Jan 2018, 08:54
I have set up a custom logo absolute path in config/shop.php for payment emails but when I run a cron job for emails I receive an error message as follows:
In Swift.php line 206:
Call to undefined method Swift_EmbeddedFile::newInstance()

I am using aimeos 2017.10
#5526 by aimeos
24 Jan 2018, 21:52
Unbound composer version constraints like ">=4.0" are a great way to get in trouble later ...
If you execute "composer update" you will get Swiftmailer 5.x with works with 2017.10
#5544 by aimeos
25 Jan 2018, 13:22
Good point. We've backported the changes to 2017.10 and allowed swiftmailer:~6.0 in the composer.json. Now you should be able to get a working version.