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#5542 by antonlinderer
25 Jan 2018, 08:48
I have checked the orders in table mshop_order_base_address and mshop_order_base and both have langid specified nl for Dutch for the same order but the delivery email is sent out in English.
#5557 by aimeos
26 Jan 2018, 09:21
That's strange! Nevertheless, we've released two new versions:
- ai-admin-jqadm: 2017.10.19
- ai-client-html: 2017.10.9

In the admin interface, the language ID of the address was cleared if you save an item in the order panel. This has been fixed now. Additionally, we've added a fallback to the language ID of the order if none is set in the billing/delivery address.

We have tested delivery e-mails and they get translated as expected.