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#5576 by Kylin00
27 Jan 2018, 11:50
Hi, everybody. Firstly, I have to say that my tongue is not English, please forgive me if I say something in a wrong way.
Then, my question is "how to show different prices for customers of different membership ?", to be explicit, Our shop have three types of membership currently, and they can buy the product in different price according to their membership level, here I had two thought:(1) every time a customer visit our shop, I will call a ajax to search the corresponding price to them, but It seems too complex if a new product needed to be add in the shop as I must manually add it to my database, (2) Try to change the controller behavior before it render the prices to the front end, and after a week, I still could not find the right way to do that so.

Would you please give me some advice, I will be appreciate!