Help for integrating the Laravel package
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#5641 by Travin
06 Feb 2018, 08:06
Hi all!
Just install the new version. It's much much better admin side. But I already faced a problem.
I deleted all attributes, then created a new one attribute, and when I try to add it to my product and save. I recieved an error:
Error No item found for conditions: Array ( [attribute.code] => custom [attribute.domain] => product [attribute.type.code] => price [attribute.type.domain] => product )
#5642 by Travin
06 Feb 2018, 08:10
I'm just restored my DB with deleted attributes and it works now. But I think it have to be fix
#5643 by Travin
06 Feb 2018, 08:13
I will convert my 2017.10 extension to 2018.1 now
Thank you guys for the new 2018.1 realese, I think it's great! Will try to work with service providers tonight