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#5665 by Travin
09 Feb 2018, 17:30
I had one product at my demo data. It works fine. But when I added new product, this new one can't be put to the basket.
My investigation shows me only one difference between these products. The new one haven't any row at Stocks section
Answer from controller to Aimeos default AJAX request contains string "Adding product with ID "14" is not allowed"
Also i don't see at my new product this green label <span class="stocktext">Product is available </span>
Only at 2018.1
#5666 by aimeos
09 Feb 2018, 20:54
You are right, the product panel in the admin interface doesn't let you add a stock level if only one stock type is available. This has been fixed in a new release, just run "composer update".

Thank you for the hint! :-)