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#5760 by Travin
25 Feb 2018, 19:10
Hey guys
I want to add solution for creating articles from Admin side. With categories and images. How I can do it faster and at best way? I think I need to create new domain or two (articles and categories).
#5767 by aimeos
26 Feb 2018, 23:10
Can you explain a bit more in detail what you want to achieve? This isn't very clear ...
#5773 by Travin
27 Feb 2018, 02:32
Okay, for explaining I'm selling books, and I have books like products. Also, I need articles about authors, news, some funny facts about bestsellers, and FAQ. I need to fill it at admin side

Code: Select all-NEWS category
     - article
     - article
        - images of article
     - article
- FAQ category
     - article (Q&A)
     - article (Q&A)
     - article (Q&A)

So I will include that at different pages