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#5802 by Travin
07 Mar 2018, 17:56
I'm trying to modify Account page, so I want to retrieve some POST data from form in a file ext\ai-client-html\client\html\src\Client\Html\Account\History\Standard.php . How can I do it?
I've created a form at frontend, and then I've used $params = $view->param('field_name',null); at function getBody() at Standard.php, but it's empty. I've also included csrf field at the form to prevent safety problems
#5806 by aimeos
08 Mar 2018, 17:39
You should do that in the process() method of the HTML client classes which you can overwrite. Can't say anything about the empty parameters as long as you don't post the code.
#5849 by Travin
17 Mar 2018, 12:18
Thanks for the answer
I'm trying to create a new account page with some new data. I've create this structure
I've create templates for this also:
The problem is I need to retrieve my $_POST data somewhere at my class Standard extends Aimeos\Client\Html\Common\Client\Factory\Base implements \Aimeos\Client\Html\Iface to update DB with \Aimeos\MShop\Common\Manager\Iface there