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#5846 by Sergunik
16 Mar 2018, 14:23
Lets look at documentation ( ... gers_items):
"Usually, it's only rarely necessary to extend existing managers and items because most of the data can be associated to items via the list tables. The data can then be stored as attributes, texts or properties (in case of product items) instead."

But how? How can I use attributes? Where I could find documentation about working with attribute?

I have an issue:
Need to add 1 boolean attribute to product.
The attribute should be readable from product page. And should be changeable on admin product page (simple checkbox).

I know that's covered by attribute but have no idea how?
#5851 by aimeos
17 Mar 2018, 17:40
You can associate attributes you've created in the "Attribute" panel of the admin interface in the product detail view ("Characteristics" subpanel). In the template, you can retrieve the attributes again with
Code: Select all$product->getRefItems( 'attribute', '<attribute type>', '<list type>' )