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#5859 by fehermichal
20 Mar 2018, 13:05
Hi. I need to change translations which are located in this PO file:

How should I do that properly so I wont lose my changes upon next update?

#5860 by aimeos
20 Mar 2018, 16:26
Create a .po file with your new translations "./lib/custom/i18n/sk.po" in you own Aimeos extension. Then use the msgfmt command to create a MO file named "./lib/custom/i18n/sk" (without extension):

Make sure the manifest.php file of your extension contains the proper reference:
Code: Select all   'i18n' => array(
      // ...
      'mshop' => 'lib/custom/i18n',

As alternative, you can also add a few translations to your ./config/shop.php of your Laravel application:
#5930 by michal.fehér
02 Apr 2018, 13:42
Thanks, but it doesnt seem to be working for "stat:1" or "status:1" strings. I tried both from shop.php and custom i18n. Strange that I could manage to overwrite "All" string, that is situated in the same selectbox.
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