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#5865 by Kevin
21 Mar 2018, 08:02
Hi all,

I now have a stripe integration in the Aimeos shop where the user needs to input his card name, card number, valid date and CSV code. After the user has entered this info and submits, the payment is done.

This is not a save way of doing payments since some banks just don't allow this way of paying. A double check with the bank itself (card reader + card) needs to be set in place.

How do I implement this secure way of paying? This payment in generally done on another (secure) website and redirected back to the website when the payment is done.

Thanks for informing me.

#5886 by gladgladwrap
24 Mar 2018, 19:38
I am still waiting for a response to my questions on the linked thread. The person who did the Stripe Integration is currently away. But yes, you are right in that we are not sending credit card details directly to the server. Instead, we are sending the card details to Stripe, who then returns a token for us to use safely.

The next step is to either implement the Stripe Elements form to achieve this token transaction, or add the hidden stripe form fields to our Aimeos form. Then we need to adjust our config and Stripe/Omni Pay Methods.