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#6290 by schoelli
28 Jun 2018, 09:26

I installed the new Aimeos Laravel Version 2018.04 with Laravel 5.4 and I would like to setup products with a monthly or yearly subscription with automatic payments and invoicing.

I have not found a user manual for setting up subscriptions, is there any tutorial/documentation?

How much of the above requirements are implemented by Aimeos? What has to be developed by me?

How can the missing requirements be implemented in the Aimeos?

Thanks in advance,
#6296 by aimeos
29 Jun 2018, 10:42
There's no tutorial yet but maybe you want to help write one in the Aimeos Wiki :-)

You only have to add the time periods (1 month and 1 year) in the product subscription tab for the products you want to sell as subscriptions and run the "subscription/*" jobs regularly:

Next, you need to define what you want to do additionally for subscriptions. If your subscriptions only contain shipping a product regularly to the customer, nothing more has to be done. Maybe you want to give your customers access to something as long as they are subscribed. For this, a subscription processor for adding and removing groups to and from customers:
You can also implement arbitrary processors which do anything you need.

The last step is you need a payment provider (and the corresponding Omnipay driver) that supports payments based on payment tokens. That's where you most likely need to extend the Omnipay driver you want to use because only two of them support that out of the box:
- ... -reference
- ... -reference