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#6356 by xueMing
06 Jul 2018, 03:51
There was a problem with the first installation of Laravel and Aimeos. I don't know how to solve it!
(1/1) Exception
No item found for conditions: Array
[] => default
in Base.php line 561
at Base->findItemBase(array('' => 'default'), array(), false)
in Standard.php line 349
at Standard->findItem('default')
in Standard.php line 124
The local installation WINDOWS 10
“php”:“^ 7.0.12”,
“laravel / framework”:“5.4。*”,
“aimeos / aimeos-laravel”:“~2018.04” 
#6357 by xueMing
06 Jul 2018, 07:37
I think that's the reason, but I don't know how to solve it
In Simple.php line 97:

An exception occurred while executing 'ALTER TABLE users_address ADD CONSTRAINT fk_lvuad_pid FOREIGN KEY (parentid)

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1005 Can't create table 's_test.#sql-6650_1a' (errno: 150)
#6387 by aimeos
09 Jul 2018, 07:37
This problem can occur if you have records in the users_address table without corresponding records in the users table. Aimeos 2018.07 tries to add a foreign key constraint which fails in that case. The latest version contains a setup task that removes the dangling records in the users_address table before applying the contraint.