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#2216 by gnabin01
12 Dec 2015, 11:39
how do i configure link in aimeos laravel???When I click on every link it doesn't work??I have set to set link manually as:
localhost/foldername/public/function or class . It is tedious to do everytime ??How it canbe resolved???
How can I make loginfor customer , the given link doesn't work???what i have to set for login page???
Thanks in Advance !!!
#2220 by aimeos
12 Dec 2015, 12:05
Your installation seems to be messed up or your environment is configured in a wrong way. Can you tell us more about your environment (OS, web server, database, etc.)?
#2222 by gnabin01
12 Dec 2015, 13:20
I am using wamp server for localhost and i have insalled according to the use mysql server and configured the database in .env file.
#2223 by aimeos
12 Dec 2015, 14:54
Hm, we don't have any experience if Laravel is working in a WAMP environment correctly.
The Aimeos core library does, at least when used with TYPO3.

If you could reinstall Laravel and the Aimeos package from scratch and describe what you do and what happens step by step, we might be able to dig into this further.
#2226 by aimeos
13 Dec 2015, 11:25
aimeos wrote:I have installed according to the github documentation and all things were installed succesfully. I replace to localhost and homepage is at
localhost/[folder-name]/public/list.But when i click other link it goes at localhost/[fuction].But the things goes right when i put localhost/[folder-name]/public/[function] except login and authentication.I can't access login and authentication,is there are method for login/register.

Your document root of the web server must point to the ./public/ directory.
Login and user registration don't work out of the box in Laravel. You have to configure it according to the documentation: