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#2298 by wygigs
31 Dec 2015, 13:08

I am trying to upload an image in Admin | Media : New (Default). I type in a new label, and click the square at the bottom that says 'Click to Upload'. I select a jpeg image from my local machine, but then receive an error 'No method for retrieving the mime type available: finfo, mime_content_type'.
Have I missed some configuration somewhere? So far all I appear to have configured in respect of this is to create a folder called uploads in my public folder.
I'm using XAMPP on Windows 10.
#2302 by wygigs
31 Dec 2015, 17:01
Thank you. I had it commented out in php.ini, so I simply removed the ; in front of extension=php_fileinfo.dll and restarted Apache.
I also added 'directory' => '/uploads', to the media / default / upload array in shop.php

Thanks again