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#2502 by wygigs
11 Feb 2016, 19:57
I intend to modify the checkout process slightly, but wanted to understand it first. I have modified the config expecting only a subset of the checkout stages to be displayed, and/or a one-page checkout process, but my config changes have made no difference and I still have a 5-step (Basket, Address, Delivery, Payment, Summary) checkout process. Any help would be appreciated. The relevant parts of my config/shop.php are below. Whilst this config is a bit of a nonsense, I was simply trying to prove then changes.

Code: Select all
return array(


   'client' => array(
      'html' => array(


         'checkout' => array(
            'standard' => array(
               'default' => array(
                  'subparts' => array( 'address', 'summary', 'order', 'process' ),
               'onepage' => array('address', 'summary'),

#2504 by aimeos
11 Feb 2016, 21:00
Your configuration is correct but for the 1.x/2015.x package.

The documentation has not yet been updated for 2016.x (that will happen in the next days). The main difference is that all "default" substrings have to be replaced with "standard". That's a side effect caused by the move to PSR-4.
#2505 by wygigs
12 Feb 2016, 15:47
Sorry, I should have made it clear which version I'm using. I believe it's version 2015.10.2 (as per composer.lock) with Laravel 5.1 on xampp.

I believe my config is correct as in src/Client/Checkout/Standard/Default.php, lines 546 - 550 are:

Code: Select all         $onepage = $view->config( 'client/html/checkout/standard/onepage', array() );
         $onestep = array_shift( $onepage ); // keep the first one page step

         $steps = (array) $context->getConfig()->get($this->_subPartPath, $this->_subPartNames );
         $steps = array_diff( $steps, $onepage ); // remove all remaining steps in $onepage

and the value in $this->_subPartPath is client/html/checkout/standard/default/subparts

I don't know what else to check and would be grateful of some ideas.


#2506 by aimeos
13 Feb 2016, 12:53
Your configuration is correct for Aimeos Core 2015.x / Aimeos Laravel 1.x.
Is 'client' the only key in your "./config/shop.php" file or is it available twice to the first one gets overwritten?