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#2657 by mjohnson
02 Apr 2016, 16:04
I have changed different settings on the backend in locale tab but the basket and product pages on the front end are not showing USD by default...

I should clarify since this question was asked before but not answered, I am not interested in adding the currency or locale selector to the page, I want to change the default currency to USD for the site.
#2658 by aimeos
02 Apr 2016, 17:27
The default currency is the one that is listed in the Locale tab of the admin interface first (expert mode), e.g. site: default, language: en, currency: USD
Don't forget to clear the content cache (php artisan aimeos:cache) before you test a changed locale order.
#2659 by mjohnson
03 Apr 2016, 02:03
Its still showing the € symbol.

I have locale -> list, site, language, and currency all with everything except US disabled I also cleared the cache. What else could it be?
#2660 by mjohnson
03 Apr 2016, 02:08
Also, my product with a price in USD is not showing up on the product page, but when I change it to Euro it shows up, so the system is definitely stuck in EUR mode somehow... I tried php artisan aimeos:cache several times but still only showing EUR pricing and symbols on the product and basket pages. Is it something with the theme? I am using the default theme from installing...
#2661 by mjohnson
03 Apr 2016, 03:12
I got this working but I do not think the way I got it working is the intended way. I went into the database and change the row id of the USD row to '1' and then changed the EUR to '3'. This is the only way it worked. Changing the Position ID made no difference and there is no way to change the row ID in the admin interface.
#2663 by aimeos
03 Apr 2016, 21:51
No, that's not the intended way ;-)
You should delete the locale entries you don't need, not only disable them. Currently, the database decides which entry is used according to how the records are stored internally. This will be fixed in the next version.