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#3014 by IOU42
17 Jul 2016, 10:28

The Aimeos shop is working well, but I have not been able to get the email confirmation working after payment and delivery. I have added the email settings below client in shop.php (in the config dir) as per below, but no emails are sent.

Added in shop.php:
Code: Select all'client' => array(
        'html' => array(
            'common' => array(
                'content' => array(
                    'baseurl' => '***',
                'template' => array(
                    'baseurl' => public_path('packages/aimeos/shop/elegance'),
            'email' => array(
                'from-email' => '***@***',
                'from-name' => '***',

I have read the documentation, and guess it might have to do with controllers or decorators, but I do not understand exactly the steps to follow to configure this. To me the email confirmation is quite a standard functionality. I would really appreciate it if you could specify the steps to follow.

Have a great day!
#3020 by IOU42
17 Jul 2016, 18:07
Thanks, ok yes that could be a way to handle it, but can the order itself not trigger the email. I would prefer not to run cron jobs every minute on the server.
#3021 by aimeos
17 Jul 2016, 20:45
You can run it every five, fifteen or sixty minutes if you like but Aimeos offloads sending e-mails to another process. We did it after the order has been placed years ago but that resulted too often in no e-mails being sent or e-mails sent twice due to payment updates. Thus the requirement for a cronjob like in every other modern e-commerce system.