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#3039 by wassim.hattab
21 Jul 2016, 12:37
I'm creating a page to list services that i want to sell with aimeos, but in my case i don't have colors, length,.. so i don't have a detail page,
I created the services i want to display from aimeos backend interface.
I want to show this product in a new page that i created.
How can i get those items in my new page and sending defined data in the array not sending the hole html in the array??

And if i open the catalog detail of aimeos of a new product i create it won't show in the basket lightbox that open

#3046 by aimeos
21 Jul 2016, 19:53
If you want to use Aimeos, you also have to add your products/services in the Aimeos tables. Services are just products that aren't shipped in a traditional way. The Aimeos company e.g. sells support that way:
#3055 by wassim.hattab
22 Jul 2016, 09:12
Yeah i know i'm using the aimeos table i'm putting my services as a products but without attributes.. But my question was if i don't want to use the catalog list page, if i created a new page and i want to get those array of products in my new page how can i do it?
#3063 by aimeos
22 Jul 2016, 21:02
You have to create proper URL to link to the product detail page or need the right form control names if you want to put them directly into the basket. The used parameters are described here:

The catalog list component consists of several subparts and you can configure it as you need and can change the templates like you want. Usually, there's no need to create an own list view even if you need something very special. In this case you can extend the catalog list class, provide your own implementation and configure it to be used.