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#3177 by pepo123
07 Aug 2016, 16:49
Hi all,

I am trying to make a small shop for virtual products. I have successfully added a file to a product (as explained in the guide), but after the checkout I cant see the link in the /myaccount order history page. In the admin panel I have set the payment status and delivery status as received and delivered and still nothing. ... c93f17fda4
This led me to believe that there was such a feature.

What am I doing wrong? Is there something I am missing? Is there a separate component to list only the download links?

#3178 by aimeos
08 Aug 2016, 08:56
Yes, the feature is there. Please check if
- Payment status is at least authorized or received
- The download link is stored in mshop_order_base_service_attr for the order with code "download"

You can also have a look into the template to see when the link is displayed: