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#3283 by brunojti
26 Aug 2016, 15:12
Using the following code I was able to show an example form field for user input after the user confirms the summary data.

Code: Select all public function process(\Aimeos\MShop\Order\Item\Iface $order, array $params = array())

        $list = array(
            'myprovider.accountno' => new \Aimeos\MW\Criteria\Attribute\Standard( array(
                'label' => 'Account number',
                'code' => 'myprovider.accountno',
                'internalcode' => 'myprovider.accountno',
                'internaltype' => 'string',
                'type' => 'string',
                'default' => '',
                'public' => true,
            ) ),

        $gatewayUrl = $this->getConfigValue(array('payment.url-self'));
        return new \Aimeos\MShop\Common\Item\Helper\Form\Standard($gatewayUrl, 'POST', $list);

I would need to have more control over this template, add HTML and Javascript for allowing the User to choose payment method and provide the payment data.
I'll also need to get some values by ajax before confirming the payment. I already have a `App\Http\Controllers\AjaxController` that handles the ajax requests...

How can I do this? Thanks
#3286 by brunojti
26 Aug 2016, 17:14
I have skipped that page from checkout process, the page I am talking about is the page after summary...

EDIT: The file to edit is: `checkout/standard/order-body-default.php`.

I hope I'm not making anything wrong here =)
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