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#3310 by IOU42
31 Aug 2016, 14:49

I am trying to change the translation of the country 'Netherlands' (for the check out). It is currently just showing 'NL' instead of 'Netherlands'. I think this results from the 'nl.po' file which shows:
Code: Select allmsgid "NL"
msgstr ""

I have tried to overwrite the translation in the configuration file shop.php. But it does not work for 'NL' although the adjusted translation for 'Back' does work using this approach:

Code: Select all      'i18n' => array(
       'nl' => array(
           'client' => array(
               'NL' => array('Nederland'),
               'Back' => array('Vorige'),

I have also tried to change the nl.po file directly, but this leads to zero change as I guess the binary file should be changed then.

Question: how can I adjust this translation to have the proper country name? Can I use the approach using the configuration file? Else how can I convert the po file into the nl binary file?

Thanks in advance
#3314 by aimeos
31 Aug 2016, 17:40
The country translations are in the "ai-client-html/client/i18n/country/" directory. Thus you have to use "client/country" as domain for overwriting the country translations locally. If it's a missing translation, you should fix it at Transifex first (

Also you shouldn't change the binary translation files of the Aimeos extensions because they will get overwritten with the next update.
#4154 by PeterEsser
24 Apr 2017, 14:46
Hi there,

I was seeing a lot of incomplete translations in the Country List and created an account in Transiflex to solve this. But the strange thing is, the strings are all translated over there. So it looks like in your current LTS distribution, an older .po file is included (for Dutch in this case).

Any idea how to include the updated translations?


Laravel 5.3, PHP 7, Aimeos 2016.10 LTS, Laradock
#4157 by aimeos
25 Apr 2017, 08:58
The translations have just completed recently so they have been in 2016.10.x-dev only. We've tagged a new version now and a "composer update" should add the updated country translations to your Aimeos project.