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#3412 by daniel.groppo
19 Sep 2016, 17:35
These are the rows (domain - code - label):

0: (customer/group - default - standard)
1: (order - download - download)
2: (product - default - standard)
3: (product - favorite - favorite)
4: (product - watch - watch list)
#3413 by aimeos
20 Sep 2016, 09:43
That's really wierd, everthing is there and nevertheless, the record isn't found ...
What's the "siteid" of the records? Does it match with the "id" in the "mshop_locale_site" table?

Can you update to dev-master of the Aimeos Laravel package and see if it happens again? If yes, please add a
Code: Select allprint_r( $context->getLocale() );

before this line:
and post the output.