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#3411 by ocytacus
19 Sep 2016, 16:25
aimeos wrote:Yes, it is. I assume you haven't added any configuration to your config/shop.php file that includes an "index" part?

The only thing I tried to fix the problem is this:
Code: Select all'mshop' => [
      'index' => [
         'manager' => [
            'attribute' => [
               'standard' => [
                  'search' => [
                     'mysql' =>
                        'SELECT mpro."id"
                        FROM "mshop_product" AS mpro
                        WHERE :cond
                        GROUP BY mpro."id" /*-orderby*/, :order /*orderby-*/
                        /*-orderby*/ ORDER BY :order /*orderby-*/
                        LIMIT :size OFFSET :start'

But it didn't help.
#3414 by aimeos
20 Sep 2016, 13:25
It took us some time to figure out what the problem was.
If you save an article of a selection product in the expert mode admin interface, the product is added to the index regardless of being associated to a category. This is fixed in the dev-master branch of the Aimeos core now.

You should run "composer update" and delete all entries in the "mshop_index_text" table. Then, start the index rebuild with "./artisan aimeos:jobs index/rebuild". If you now save articles that should be part of a selection product and containing a text of type "name", than they shouldn't be indexed any more.