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#3398 by ocytacus
19 Sep 2016, 07:54

Thanks for building this open-source e-commerce library.

On the frontend, how can I limit product search result to return and display only 'Product Selection' type? Because I only list product 'Selection' on my website and each product 'Selection' will have a few product 'Article' linked to it.

At the moment, whenever a user search for a product on the search bar, the search result will display all the products (Article, Selection, Bundle type) associated with the search term.

Thanks in advance.
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#3401 by ocytacus
19 Sep 2016, 10:32
aimeos wrote:If you don't associate the articles to a category but only the selection products, the search result will only list the selection products.

Hi, thanks for the fast response.

I had only associated selection products to my category, but for unknown reasons, all these article products keep showing up in my search result.

Any suggestions how I can debug this?
#3403 by ocytacus
19 Sep 2016, 11:32
Hi, sorry. Just to clarify, it's my search suggestion that is having the problem, not the search result. The search result displays all the selection products. (I'll edit post title)

As you can see here below, the search result returns 2 selection products which is correct.

But, when I type 'kraft' into the search bar, the suggestions will include article products.

So, how do I limit product search suggestions to selection products only?
Everything looks okay in my mshop_index_catalog table.
#3407 by ocytacus
19 Sep 2016, 15:19
aimeos wrote:That would only help temporarily if we don't find the underlying problem. Please have a look into the mshop_index_text table. Are there all article names listed for one selection product?

Yes, I can see all the article products' and selection products' names in the value column

Code: Select allSELECT * FROM x.mshop_index_text where type="name" and domain="product"

Is that the symptom of the problem?