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#3415 by wassim.hattab
20 Sep 2016, 14:05
i'm facing a problem with aimeos orders,
i'm building a multishop website with aimeos laravel and asgard..
I have a sign in in the front end i used the same function as asgard.. but the problem im facing that when i logged in and order an item or something, the customer id in 'mshop_order_base' is null where can i modify the query to use the id of the logged in user or an id session ?? :shock: :shock: :?: :!:
#3417 by wassim.hattab
20 Sep 2016, 14:30
aimeos wrote:Does Asgard use another table for storing registered users than the Laravel "users" table?

Asgard uses the same table users

And yes the Auth::id() is null in my case because i'm using a different authentication than laravel how can i fix this problem or you recommend to use the authentication of larabel?
#3419 by aimeos
20 Sep 2016, 15:38
Use the dev-master branch, there you can overwrite the bootstrapping easier and
- Create a new class with extends from the class \Aimeos\Shop\Base\Context
- Overwrite the addUser() method with your own one
- Register your new class using the name "\Aimeos\Shop\Base\Context" in the ./app/Provider/AppServiceProvider.php class of your application ( see