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#3491 by George Horvath
05 Oct 2016, 11:18
Hi aimeos!
I found a view mistake on product details:
there is wrong value getting from object i fixed that we can see property name instead of property code in blade.
this is the code with comments in head section:
file location: ext\ai-client-html\client\html\templates\catalog\detail\additional-property-body-default.php
Code: Select all<?php
fixing catalog detail property view property name text instead of property code
elérés: ext\ai-client-html\client\html\templates\catalog\detail
//modified line  (from getType() to getTypeName()
<td class="name"><?php echo $enc->html( $this->translate( 'client/code', $propertyItem->getTypeName() ), $enc::TRUST ); ?></td>
 * @license LGPLv3,
 * @copyright Aimeos (, 2014-2016

$propertyItems = $this->get( 'propertyItems', array() );
$enc = $this->encoder();

<?php $this->block()->start( 'catalog/detail/additional/property' ); ?>
<div class="additional-box">
<?php if( count( $propertyItems ) > 0 ) : ?>
   <h2 class="header properties"><?php echo $enc->html( $this->translate( 'client', 'Properties' ), $enc::TRUST ); ?></h2>
   <div class="content properties">
      <table class="properties">
<?php foreach( $propertyItems as $propertyItem ) : ?>
            <tr class="item">
               <td class="name"><?php echo $enc->html( $this->translate( 'client/code', $propertyItem->getTypeName() ), $enc::TRUST ); ?></td>
               <td class="value"><?php echo $enc->html( $propertyItem->getValue() ); ?></td>
<?php endforeach; ?>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php echo $this->get( 'propertyBody' ); ?>
<?php $this->block()->stop(); ?>
<?php echo $this->block()->get( 'catalog/detail/additional/property' ); ?>

please add it to next update.