Help for integrating the Laravel package
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#3577 by aimeos
28 Oct 2016, 13:20
As editor you can search for names in the administration interface if you add a line in the search bar with "Order base address lastname" for example.

If you need to add the name of the payment address to the list, you have to extend from the class, add your own searchItems() method (use as base) and overwrite the ExtJS list view (

An alternative would be to create your own order panel in the simplified admin interface, which is much easier because it's only PHP, HTML and JS:
#3579 by alfredlaggner
30 Oct 2016, 23:50
My I suggest a change in your administrator program and add "name" or "last name" as an optional column to extend the order view. You already have I would not be surprised the more users will see this a welcome extension. The list of orders as it right now looks very inaccessible.
Let me know what you think.