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#3608 by alfredlaggner
08 Nov 2016, 05:19
I would like to inform my customer about the status of the delivery, so they can come to the store when the delivery is ready to be picked up.

I am overwriting my status emails with my own texts but I have trouble sending the correct email.
Here is my setting:
Code: Select all                'delivery' => [
                    'html' => [
                        'intro' => [
                            'standard' => [
                                'template-body' => [
                                    3 => 'email/delivery/4/html-intro-body-reefside.php',
                                    2 => 'email/delivery/3/html-intro-body-reefside.php',
                                    1 => 'email/delivery/1/html-intro-body-reefside.php',
                                    0 => 'email/delivery/html-intro-body-reefside.php'

I put the emails into the folders like this:
email tree.PNG
email tree.PNG (21.52 KiB) Viewed 498 times

When I manually change my status in admin -> order I do get an email every time after one minute but it is always the top email from the list above. (I have switched the order several times during tests). From your documentation, it is not clear for me how to configure correctly to send correct emails for more the selected status.

Thank you for your support!
#3610 by aimeos
08 Nov 2016, 13:23
It's much simpler and you don't need any configuration. Only copy the intro templates into your own Aimeos extension using the same name (e.g. html-intro-body-default.php) and directory structure and adapt the templates to your needs.

If you name your templates different and configure the new name it's more difficult because the automatic template selection based on the status won't work in this case.